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Findlay Air Conditioning P/L

Quality & Outstanding Service

Findlay Air Conditioning is committed to outstanding levels of quality, and maintaining these levels is of the utmost importance.

Given the company’s size and structure, quality is assured throughout:

  • Personal and direct involvement in all aspects of the company’s operations and services.
  • High motivation in ensuring the maintenance of excellence, quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
  • On-going contact with clients to ensure their needs are understood and fulfilled.
  • Direct availability, with management readily contactable and accessible to clients.
  • A company size and structure that is able to maintain and ensure quality processes.
  • Employment of staff with technical skills, work experience and great customer relations skills.
  • We enjoy the support and backup of reputable manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors, as well as the services of a senior design engineer and draftsman.
Air Conditioning Contractor Melbourne northern suburbs


  • Findlay Air Conditioning offers clients the distinct advantage of dealing with a company that is small enough to offer a personalised service, yet large enough to capably tackle the most complex of jobs.
  • From residential through to large-scale commercial, we will deliver a turnkey solution tailored to your unique requirements and budget.
  • Our extensive suite of products and service offerings reflect our commitment to high standards. Findlay Air Conditioning supplies only reputable brands, and quality workmanship is assured on all technical work.
  • While boasting a highly committed team possessing extensive breadth of experience across design, installation, maintenance and product knowledge, we remain proactive in learning about and embracing emerging technologies for the benefit of our clients.
  • Driving our success is Findlay Air Conditioning's commitment to exceptional service. We maintain a strong focus on carefully listening to and meeting the needs of our clients. Our growing list of satisfied clients is testament to our professional approach.
Air Conditioning Contractor Melbourne northern suburbs


Findlay Air Conditioning P/L takes occupational health and safety seriously. All of our employees have undergone up-to-date training by a recognised provider and are committed to upholding best-practice safety standards at all times.

Findlay Air Conditioning P/L has strict adherence to OH&S which has been instrumental in the continued growth and success of our company.

At the commencement of every project, we draw up a detailed OH&S plan which identifies potential issues and outlines safe working procedures with the aim to ensure the utmost safety of all people involved in the work environment.

Our OH&S approach and commitment includes:

  • Risk assessment and hazard management
  • Accident prevention
  • Implementation of methods to control or remove hazards
  • Safe work processes
  • Adherence to Workers Compensation Act
  • Public liability insurance
Air Conditioning Contractor Melbourne northern suburbs